Our Company

Starting in the early 1990's, Ilene Chase began her passion in interior design. Always interested in making her home a beautiful space for her friends and family, Ilene began assisting others in bringing a similar feel to their homes. This quickly grew from a passion to a business, and in 1996, Ilene established her company as Ilene Chase Design.

Mostly serving the Chicagoland area, Ilene has grown her business into a long-listed clientele. Most of this growth has come by word of mouth and exemplified through her team's work, but Ilene and her team have partnered with several of the areas premier builders and contractors to assist them in finishing the homes of their clients.

Designing homes is my passion, and I hope you will be interested in seeing what I can do for you and your home!


About Ilene


Ilene Chase | Owner & Lead Designer

With more than 18 years of experience in custom and high end design, Ilene has been at the forefront of interior design in the North Shore.

Starting as a passion to help friends and families improve their homes, Ilene started to lay the groundwork on what would ultimately become her company, Ilene Chase Design. 

Along with her team, Ilene guides her clients through the process of what they can expect throughout the project. Attention to detail and care is what distinguishes Ilene from the field, expressing the same care and desire of bringing new life to the homes of her clients.

Serving mostly the Chicagoland area, Ilene has also assisted her customers who have purchased homes elsewhere, creating that same comfort and specialized home feel to vacation homes and working spaces.

Outside of work, Ilene is a loving wife and mother of two boys. She enjoys reading novels and rustic meals, while never passing up an opportunity to snuggle up with her little dog Oakley.